More than a second phone line, boost your business with SwitchUp.

More than a second phone line.
Boost your business with SwitchUp.

SwitchUp is the second phone number app designed to help you get more done - with fewer phones. Join the thousands users who trust SwitchUp to help them conquer their work day!

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Amazing solution!

It’s really been just absolutely wonderful for me to be able to have a cell phone number that I could put in my email, Twitter, etc. and that I could distribute out to the community solely for work purposes has been amazing.

— Jenny, HR/Operations Director - Social Services

Takes care of everything

Theres so much convenience to it. It's another phone integrated into my own—I don’t have to worry about anything else. It's easy to use for the average user like me.

— Roman, Self-Employed

Great app!

I use SwitchUp to keep the personal and business separate.
Carrying 3 phones is annoying—it's too much. To be able to have my other lines coming through 1 phone is great!

— Krystle, Independent Contractor & Entrepreneur

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Switch Up Features

Designed for work/life balance

Own seperate numbers for every part of your life or business. Off the clock? Set work boundaries with Business Hours.

SwitchUp's extensive selection of second phone numbers ensures you can create the mental separation between work and personal life, all from one phone.

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business hours

Multiple Phone Numbers

business hours

Business Hours


Accomplish more with messaging tools

Make sure no personal or professional message goes unanswered with SwitchUp's automated text reply feature.

Automate your text communication by pre-drafting Text Templates and enable Auto-Reply to ensure no message goes unanswered.

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text templates

Text Templates

auto reply


Say goodbye to distractions

SwitchUp is the first second phone number app that gives you the flexibility of a new phone number, without the headache of spam calls.

Using patented and award-winning call blocking technology powered by RoboKiller, SwitchUp's phone numbers come with 99% effective spam & text blocking!

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spam protection

Spam Protection

unlimited text

Unlimited Talk & Text

Plus a
growing list
of features

call recording

Call Recording

vanity numbers

Vanity Numbers

call forwarding

Call Forwarding

scheduled messages

Scheduled Messages

Get more done, with fewer phones. Download SwitchUp today!

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